M.D.O.T. Supports Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

It’s a fact of life that people grow older each day. With increasing age come changes in physical, mental and sensory abilities that can challenge a person’s continued ability to drive safely.

The American Occupational Therapy Association (A.O.T.A.) has named December 1st – 5th, 2014 as Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. A.O.T.A. aims to promote understanding of the importance of mobility and transportation to ensure older adults remain active in the community with the confidence that transportation will not be the barrier to strand them at home.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (M.D.O.T.) continues to provide a variety of safe travel options for people of all ages and is responsible for programs such as service delivery, technical assistance and training components. In addition, M.D.O.T. plays a major role in coordinating statewide transportation plans while allocating and providing oversight of federal transit funds. M.D.O.T. also works alongside local, state and tribal governments to provide mass transit services.

The Rural Transportation Assistance Program (R.T.A.P.) is a federal program funded through the Federal Transit Administration (F.T.A.) that provides a source of funding to assist in the design and implementation of training and technical assistance and other support services tailored to meet the specific needs of transit operators in areas with populations of less than 50,000.

You can learn more about M.D.O.T.’s Public Transit programs here: http://mdot.ms.gov/portal/public_transit.aspx.

Each day throughout Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, A.O.T.A. will highlight different aspects of older driver safety each day. You can view these dates and topics here: http://www.aota.org/olderdriverweek

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