M.D.O.T. Rolls Out New State Highway Map

Have you ever been late for an appointment and traveling an unfamiliar road when the worst happens: your cell phone and consequently, your map, loses power? You were in such a rush heading out of the house; you forgot to grab your cell phone charger. What do you do? The Mississippi Department of Transportation (M.D.O.T.) has a solution: the 2015 Mississippi Official State Highway map.

Paper maps may seem like a thing of the past. When technology fails, and you find yourself looking for the quickest route to your destination, this map is a valuable travel resource.

The 2015 Mississippi Official State Highway map is more than just a regular map. The map not only shows the state’s highways and roadways, but also gives information about some of the top things you can do around our state, such as antebellum architecture, Mississippi’s musical legacy and outdoor recreation.

The 2015 Mississippi Official State Highway map is available now, and M.D.O.T. offers the map to the public free of charge.

M.D.O.T. also offers other specialty maps to the public such as city and county maps.

For more information about the maps M.D.O.T. offers or to request your free copy of the 2015 Mississippi Official State Highway map, contact M.D.O.T. Map Sales at 601-359-7045.

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