M.D.O.T. Promotes Drive Safely Work Week

Although safety practices are often followed at work and at home, they are not always observed while in route to and from those destinations. Drive Safely Work Week will be observed nationally October 6th-10th, and the Mississippi Department of Transportation (M.D.O.T.) encourages all motorists to engage in safe driving practices to and from work.

Drive Safely Work Week (D.S.W.W.), sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety since 1996, is the annual workplace safety campaign to remind employees about safe driving practices. Drive Safely Work Week is dedicated to improving the safety and health of employees, their families, and members of the communities in which they live and work, by preventing traffic crashes that occur both on and off the job.

Whether employees drive as a part of their job description, to and from work, or around town after they’ve left work, driving is most likely the riskiest thing they do on a daily basis. In the U.S. alone, employers have the opportunity to directly reach more than half of the driving population—even more when information is extended to employee family and community members.

Although the campaign takes place during the first week of October each year, these tips can be used throughout the year for continuous use of safe driving practices:

•Buckle up! Wearing your seat belt reduces the chances of injury, and it might just save your life.
•Don’t be a distracted driver! That text or call can wait, it’s not worth it.
•Don’t speed! The faster you’re going, the slower your reaction time.
•Be alert! Be mindful of pedestrians crossing at intersections or crosswalks and workers in construction areas, and slow down in school zones.

The primary concern of M.D.O.T. is the safety of the traveling public. Remember that safety is a full-time job, so don’t make it a part-time practice. For more information about Drive Safely Work Week, visit http://www.trafficsafety.org/drivesafelyworkweek/.

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