Lynn Meadows Discovery Center reopens with new safety guidelines in place

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport reopened today.

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center creates an enjoyable interactive environment for children to learn. This creates problems following COVID-19 guidelines although the center has solutions. Lynn Meadows Discovery Center Executive Director Cindy DeFrances said, “We have tons of hand sanitizer everywhere. We are also encouraging hand washing throughout the museum.”

High touch areas like the super colossal climbing structure are currently closed and the interactive exhibits are changing protocol completely. “We have a station set up now where we are now checking these items out. A family can be like ‘Hey, I want that item. Hey, I want that food.’ They use it, bring it back, and we sanitize it.”

Katy Nilsson and her four-year-old son are members and despite the changes, they still find their experience out of this world. “We come all the time. We came weeks before the quarantine started and my son has been begging me to come back to Lynn Meadows. So, it’s great.”

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