Lucedale family seeking justice in Cameron Perryman case

Cameron Perryman’s body was found in January of 2021 in Greene County at the Desoto National Forest Roadside Park.

A year later, the Perryman family is still pushing forward in hopes of solving his case.

Cameron Perryman was 33-years-old when his life was taken away. One year and 14 days later, the Perryman family is still searching for answers and seeking justice for their loved one. Perryman’s cousin, Karlene Moody, said, “Somebody should have been picked up by now. I’m talking about nobody has been picked up. Nothing has been done.”

Perryman was last seen alive on the evening of December 31st, 2020. Just hours later, his body was discovered by a hunter seven miles south of McClain off Highway 57 at the Desoto National Forest Roadside Park. Perryman’s cousin, Jessica Moody, said, “Cameron was the type of person that would give you anything that you wanted. Whatever you asked for, if he had it, he is going to give it to you.”

In October 2021, the family took to the steps of George County Courthouse demanding answers and raising the reward money from $2,500 to $5,000 in hopes of someone coming forward with answers. “Still yet and all nothing has been done. Same thing, no information. Months passing by, days passing by, but nothing is being done.”

With Lucedale being such a small community, there has been talk around the town, but no action has been taken. “Things have been said about what happened or what could have happened and which the police should take some of that into consideration and start picking up some of the names that has been called.”

The family just wants the police department and those in the community to do their part to bring justice to this case.

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