Lt. Governor Tate Reeves tours Biloxi Junior High

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves paid a visit to the Coast today, stopping by Biloxi Junior High School to get a look at the new building.
The fine arts students showcased their talents as the lieutenant governor walked the halls. He had the chance to hear a jazz performance, piano, strings performance and more from the nearly 400 students in the fine arts program.
Lt. Governor Reeves was impressed with the new building and says it’s a great investment in young people’s lives. “One of the things I find so interesting is we see our graduation rates rise and since I’ve been lieutenant governor, graduation rates have gone from 70 percent to over 82 percent and a big reason is programs like this because kids are interested in what they’re learning and it’s giving them more and more reasons to stay in school.”
Lt. Governor Reeves tries to stop by at least one school every time he visits any part of the state.

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