Lt. Governor Reeves on CDC Zika Money

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves and other state leaders hope to purpose the $400,000 received from the CDC for Zika research to help prevent more cases of the virus in our state.
Mississippi is one of the states to receive a portion of $25 million from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for the mosquito borne virus.
State and local health officials can use the funds to carry out population-based monitoring for microcephaly and other birth defects caused by Zika, make infrastructure improvements, provide referral of infants and families to health and social resources and participate in CDC data reporting. “This is a disease that a year ago a lot of us had never even heard of and now it’s wreaking havoc throughout countries all over the globe. Now, it appears it’s certainly in South Florida. We’re beginning to see more and more cases in the United States. It’s something that we’ve got to do everything we can to try to keep Mississippians safe,” said Reeves.
The money is expected to also be used to help families affected by the virus.

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