Lowe’s Bucket Brigade helping in Hurricane Zeta cleanup

Lowe’s is taking home improvement to a whole new level. Lowe’s stores are going above and beyond to help people rebuild and recover after Hurricane Zeta one bucket of cleaning supplies at a time.

The line was long, but so is the road to recovery for South Mississippians in the wake of Hurricane Zeta, but one national retailer is on the front lines, equipping storm victims with what they need to clean up and rebuild through Lowe’s Bucket Brigade.

Damika Balam was among the first in line at Wednesday’s drive-thru giveaway. “A tree fell on our fence and we lost some siding on the front of the house.”

Cleanup and rebuilding is a family affair for Balam, her great-grandmother, and cousin who were all on board. “Clean it up. You can’t just sit around and leave it dirty. My great-grandmother here, she says her house is still tore up.”

In all, Lowe’s gave out buckets at six locations, including one in Metairie, Louisiana, and several locations throughout South Mississippi, including this Lowe’s store in D’Iberville. D’Iberville Lowe’s Store Manager Jesse Hahn said, “It’s what we do, and we do this all over the country. Any kind of natural disaster-wildfire, snowstorm-you’re going to see Lowe’s employees in red vests, giving out buckets. That’s what we do.”

Taking home improvement to a whole new level here in South Mississippi, lending a helping hand to those who need it most. Biloxi resident Richard Okoniewski said, “It’s a testament to their willingness to help rebuild.”

For this Biloxi homeowner, he’ll take help wherever he can find it. “I figured it would be a good idea to come down and see what it’s all about. My dog is definitely a handful although he only has three legs. He’s going to help. We’ll be in the backyard cleaning up today.”

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