Low Gas Prices

Labor Day is just around the corner and a lot of traffic can be expected, especially now with the current gas prices. Gasoline at many stations along the Coast is less than $2.20 a gallon.
Today, News 25 spoke with people who are thrilled to see the low prices. One person in particular is Darrell Gilpin. Gilpin currently lives in New Orleans but travels to Pensacola frequently during the summer. He says he always makes sure to stop in Gulfport to fuel his diesel truck because of the low prices. “Comparatively, they’re really good compared to most places, especially here in Gulfport. This is one of the best stops along the way if you’re traveling on I-10. It always makes me want to stop here when I’m traveling, so at least I have a nice cheap spot to stop and refuel.”
Gilpin says gas in New Orleans averages around five to seven cents higher.

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