Louisiana looks back on Nate

Southeast Louisiana is breathing a sigh of relief after Hurricane Nate skirted the area and turned east hitting instead the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama.
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu had issued an evacuation order for some areas as well as a curfew and Sunday he said he has no regrets in doing so. “One of the things that the public has a hard time understanding is the amount of time it actually takes to ramp up and the kind of harm that can be caused if they’re out if something untoward happens. One of the things that happened last night is that in a reasonably short period of time from the National Weather Service de-certifying that we were going to be subject to hurricane one winds and we lifted the curfew exactly. So you know I’m always worried about inconvenience, but I’m much more worried about life safety issues and I think we made the right decisions at the right time.”
Category two hurricane wind and rain had been predicted for parts of southeast Louisiana by Thursday.

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