Loss of Moss Point Firefighter After Tragic Accident

Fire departments all around the Coast are conveying their support after the tragic death of a crew member from Moss Point.
Moss Point firefighters say they’re mourning more than a co-worker today. They’re mourning the loss of a brother.
Moss Point Firefighter Bradley Blayock said, “His whole life revolved around the fire service. That’s what he wanted to do. It’s sad to see him go.”
To the late 35-year-old Lucas Morace, firefighting was more than a job, it was a burning passion. Moss Point Fire Chief Tommy Posey said, “His father had done it. He always wanted to do it since he was a child.”
Firefighters say Morace wanted nothing more than to follow in his dad’s footsteps and just short of three years ago, he did just that. After a decade of volunteering for departments around the county, Morace was finally part of the crew. “Lucas was an individual that would come to work, happy personality, cheerful individual and just loved his job,” said Chief Posey.
Authorities say Morace died instantly when his motorcycle crashed into another car on Highway 57 near Ocean Springs Saturday night. “It’s a tremendous loss to lose anybody, any of our personnel and to lose one so tragic in this motor vehicle accident has really affected all of us,” said Chief Posey.
Like a traveling flame, a blaze of support for the fallen firefighter has ignited within departments all over the Coast. “It takes a special person to live this kind of life style and I guess we can all just relate to each other,” said Blaylock.
Morace’s crew members say working closely is so much a part of their job that firefighting becomes a brotherhood. “He was just wanting to make his family proud and he did,” said Chief Posey.
Not only his family, but also his brothers who stood by his side in the line of duty.

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