Loose Rocks are Troubling Drivers

If you’ve traveled from Harrison County to Stone County on Highway 15 in the past few weeks, you probably found yourself in a rocky situation. Residents say loose gravel is damaging vehicles traveling in the area. News 25’s Hank Davis investigate.
Drivers traveling between Harrison and Stone County on Highway 15 are experiencing a few bumps in the road. Crews are in the process of repaving the highway, but the method used is leaving loose rocks all over the road’s surface.
Residents say that since the road work began, the rocks damage vehicles, frustrate drivers and put lives in danger. Ben Lamey received damage to his truck from the rocks. He said, “The process I saw, they used like a tar truck, a tar bed. They laid a bed of tar down, a gravel truck laid the gravel down and they let the traffic press the road for them, press the gravel into the road which was a safety hazard for motorists.”
Loose rocks cover Highway 15 and are being picked up by cars and being thrown, damaging other vehicles or ends up on the side of the road. Stone County resident Angie Lamey said, “I feel like I’m just on a ping-pong table right now, not getting any action. No responses. No one is taking responsibility for the loose gravel damaging our cars. I have called DOT. I talked to Kate Jones about two weeks ago and he said loose gravel is not his responsibility and to call Dunn Roadbuilders, that’s laying the rocks. I tried calling them for two weeks, no response.”
Richard Collum, the operation manager at Dunn Roadbuilders, tells News 25 that his company is working under onsite inspection from the Mississippi Department of Transportation and using materials provided by MDOT while following strict specifications.
Collum adds that obeying the speed limit will reduce the amount of loose gravel until his crew can complete the second layer of the road which is set to be complete within the next day.

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