A Look at Petal after the Storm

Just northeast of Hattiesburg in the Petal area, that same tornado has done heavy damage to homes, schools, and businesses.
While recovery efforts are underway in the community, more help is needed. Petal Upper Elementary School sustained damage that has rendered the entire building unstable for classes. Many roads still need to be cleared and some homes are completely gone, mirroring the devastation in nearby Hattiesburg and across the southern states. Petal resident Matthew Herring said, “It’s destroyed as much is it is in Georgia, Alabama, Hattiesburg, Louisiana. It’s destroyed as much here as it is there and it’s really something else. There’s a lot of people that’s really devastated by it. There’s houses, four or five of them right over the hill, that’s leveled on the slabs. I think there was a neighbor over here that was hurt and trapped for several hours. There’s a lot of devastation over here.”
Petal has implemented a curfew, effective after 6 p.m. to protect those dealing with storm damage from looters.

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