Longtime City Alderman To Run For Mayor

One Long Beach city official is throwing his hat into the race to be mayor.
Gary Ponthieux announced yesterday he will be running to become the next mayor of Long Beach.
Ponthieux has been on the city’s Board of Aldermen for the past 12 years.
He also has worked with the Harrison County Tourism Commission.
Ponthieux knows he has some big shoes to fill. He’d be taking over the seat held by current Mayor Billy Skellie for the last 13 years.
Ponthieux praises how Skellie has ran the city for well over a decade, but does have a few ideas on how to continue that growth, including bringing in more businesses and pushing for a new high school. “You have to run the city like a business. When you run the city as a business, everything will fall into place. I really and truly believe that Long Beach is just being, right now we’re just tapping the city as far as growth.”
The Long Beach mayoral election will take place this summer.

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