Long Beach Widow Receives Help from Local Organization

One Long Beach woman has her work cut out for her, raising six children, but it’s all a labor of love. Donna Martocci is a widow, but she’s not alone.

It’s loud in the Martocci household when the six kids who live there finally get home from a long day at school. Their great aunt, Donna Martocci, has been raising them for seven years. Martocci says, “They brought them to me with their things in bags and boxes on my front porch and that was it.”

She works for a magazine out of Jackson and is trying to pick up a second job because money is tight, but things are looking up now that they’re getting help from the local group, Fatherless and Widows, a charitable Christian organization that provides assistance to widows and families without a father figure. Martocci also says, “Fatherless and Widows has opened up windows for us. They’ve brought us food when there is a need for extra food. They put me in touch with assistance that I’ve needed. I need assistance.”

The mission of Fatherless and Widows is to provide as much assistance as they can to needy families. Organizers tell News 25 that they get a significant amount of fulfillment from the services they provide. Charles Wambolt, Founder of Fatherless and Widows, says, “But like with Miss Donna and others, it turns around and I get more blessed by them.”

Fatherless and Widows was born of a biblical scripture, James 1:27, which says in part, to help widows and orphans. That’s just what this group does. They lend a hand with everything from yard work to providing financial assistance. Wambolt also says, “We want to just reach out and help whoever we can, the fatherless and the widows in whatever capacity that we can.”

Martocci and her family are thankful for the organization’s assistance and consider it a blessing. Martocci closes, “You don’t feel, I guess, belittled. You don’t feel threatened at all. They just help and their hearts are there.”

Thursday at 9 a.m., Fatherless and Widows is hosting a free financial seminar for widows at the Liberty Coffee House in Gulfport.

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