Long Beach residents raise questions about new harbor signs

After problems with juveniles, new signs have popped up at Long Beach Harbor and some residents aren’t too happy about it.
Some Long Beach residents took their concerns to social media about the recently put up “no loitering” signs now placed near the pavilion at the harbor. Residents tell News 25 it is a popular area for beach-goers and for kids to play.
City officials say Harrison County supervisors put the signs up earlier this week because of recent issues with the homeless and a group of kids that were causing problems there. Long Beach resident Bonnie Campbell said, “I just don’t like the fact that if a few kids are causing problems that affects everyone else. Why not deal with those kids and do what needs to be done with them and let the rest of us enjoy the beach and hanging out here?”
Some Long Beach residents tell News 25 the city needs to implement more places for kids to go.

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