Long Beach resident decorates house for Valentine’s Day

Over in Long Beach, community members and visitors are getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit all thanks to one long-time resident who never passes up an opportunity to put on a festive display.

On the corner of Cleveland Avenue and East Second Street in Long Beach sits a world of pink, hearts, and glitter that will instantly put you in the Valentine’s spirit.

Alrie Poillion always decorates her pink home for Valentine’s Day, but this year she’s added something that will light up the night, displaying a little bit more love. “I just wanted to do something pink because it’s my favorite color– of course I live in a pink house so– but anyway, I just wanted to do something pink and pretty and big out there so when people drove by, they could see it, maybe make them smile a little bit, you know?”

The elaborate decorations have caught the eyes of passersby and have started to show up on social media. “It’s been really awesome. Like some people on Facebook posted a picture and all of that then a friend of mine would send me like all the comments and I just couldn’t– I’m overwhelmed by it.”

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only holiday Poillion decorates for. She also decorates her pink house, or as some people call it “the flamingo house,” for Christmas, Easter, and Fourth of July. “I try to do something if I’m not busy, do something really special around the holidays, like the Fourth of July and all that stuff.”

Ever since Poillion moved into her home and painted her house pink nearly two decades ago, she has had visitors stop to capture a picture with the Barbie-escue house. “They had the kids out there and taking pictures and I was like well do you want me to get a group shot and I took a group shot of everybody. So, it just makes me feel good and that’s another thing that inspires me, not only for Valentine’s Day but just every season. Because it’s a busy corner right here and I just like to do things like that.”

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Poillion is already thinking of ideas of how to transform her love-themed porch into a land of green with a touch of pink, of course.

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