Long Beach Fire Department gives back

With at least half a dozen major hurricane landfalls in the United State over the last two months, the recovery process could take years.
News 25’s Tanner Stewart joined a group of local first responders today as they prepare to head to their newly adopted city to give a helping hand.
Cleaning supplies, children’s toys, and lots and lots of water: just a few things that the Long Beach Fire Department has urged community members to donate to their newly adopted city: Bonita Springs, Florida. Long Beach Community Affairs Director Jenny Levens said, “Well we’ve been collecting supplies since Hurricane Irma hit Florida and Florida was a big area that helped us after Hurricane Katrina so we are repaying them. We’ve partnered with the City of Pass Christian to collect supplies and we’ve adopted the City of Bonita Springs and will be delivering it to them Wednesday morning.”
Anything from toiletries to headwear, these supplies are expected to fill the tractor trailer that will be heading east to Florida on Wednesday. The recent storms that damaged the Sunshine State leave soon-to-be retired Long Beach Police Chief Wayne McDowell feeling fortunate even after experiencing his own hurricane. “There’s been many things over my career here. I’ve been blessed with the City of Long Beach here moving my way up from patrolmen to chief just how the department has developed over the years and having to a great place to work in.”
For most Americans, donating to those effected by the storm is an act of kindness, but when you live on the Coast it’s an understood thing to give back to those who helped during Hurricane Katrina. “I think it’s important for the cities to give back to the communities that helped them and it’s just our way of giving back,” said Levens.
And for Chief McDowell, looking back on a long career on the Coast involving many storms is bittersweet. “It’s a lot of good memories, but also a lot of stress being relieved.”

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