Long Beach City Officials Want New I-10 Exit

A new exit off the interstate could be on its way to Coast commuters, that is if Long Beach city officials get their way.
The City Council passed a resolution at tonight’s meeting that would send Governor Phil Bryant a formal request to use BP funds to extend Klondyke Road north to the interstate, creating a new exit between exits 28 and 31.
City officials tell News 25 they’ve been interested in this project for years and now may be the opportunity to get it done. Long Beach Alderman at Large Leonard Carrubba said, “It would be a straight shot, straight shot into downtown Long Beach. It would really be nice. Also, we’d get more tourists. You know people want to get to the beach quickly and if they see on the sign that it takes you right to Long Beach to the beach, they’re more apt to do that. And hopefully we can get more businesses along that corridor that would be created with that.”
There’s no guarantee they will get the funding from the state but city leaders are hopeful their formal request will help.

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