Long Beach car dealership and the Grinch team up to provide warm socks to the homeless

A local car dealership teamed up with one Christmas character that’s an unlikely helper: the Grinch!

Chuck Ryan Cars of Long Beach held their inaugural Christmas Sock hop with the Grinch, collecting socks for the homeless.

Maybe the Grinch’s heart isn’t so small after all! He took photos with donors to help out the campaign.

Why a sock drive? Well, socks are actually the most requested item at homeless shelters and they’re also a rarely donated item. Homeless people tend to walk more than the average person. Amy Spears with Chuck Ryan Cars Public Relations said, “Through COVID, there hasn’t been a whole lot of stuff to do with your kids this Christmas. So, it was really fun to see just something else for the kids to make a Christmas memory and we’re doing something for the community as well.”

Chuck Ryan Cars will be collecting socks until the end of the year during their store hours. They’ll distribute them to several homeless shelters across the Coast.

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