The Locker Room at the Coast Coliseum almost complete

It’s the final countdown in the Locker Room, but this isn’t your typical pre-game ritual spot.

Like any good locker room, anticipation is building as construction continues on the latest addition to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. Coast Coliseum and Convention Center Assistant Executive Director Michelle Menningmann said, “The name of it is the Locker Room. It’s the old SeaWolves locker room, the space where we are standing right now, this is where the main bar will be.”

But this isn’t your typical locker room. “A really neat feature we’re bringing in is arcade video games. We’re going to have draft beer selections in this space. We’re going to have large 85-inch televisions throughout this space, so you’re not going to miss the game if you come to an event. You can poke your head in and check the score.”

It’s the final countdown and once the finishing touches are complete, this area will set the stage for VIP access even for some who are on a beer budget. “Reba McEntire, any sporting event that you attend, it will be an extra ticket you can purchase for access to the facility. It’s going to be based on a sliding scale, depending on the ticket price. When we work with events and promoters, and bill events, it really just relies on that event and what we have in house.”

You can participate in the overall game plan for the Locker Room at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi. “We are looking for folks who have attended events in the 1980s and ’90s, ticket stubs, concert stubs, sporting events they may have attended that we can blend together and put as a collage on the wall as a history of the building and a conversation piece.”

A lot of sweat equity has gone into this Locker Room and Coliseum leaders are quick to focus on the end game. “The silver lining there-although COVID did shut the economy down, which was very unfortunate, it allowed us some open time to get things done, like our arena grid system.  We re-carpeted the entire Convention Center, now we’re on the VIP center, and we have a few other projects going on.”

It’s slated to open by the end of the year.

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