Locations to safely pick up internet purchases on the Coast

There is growing concern tonight for the safety of buyers and sellers using Facebook Marketplace. The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department developed a new project focused on eliminating the dangers involved with meeting anonymous people.

As online shopping continues to rise in popularity, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department saw a need to keep residents safe during online shopping exchanges. The sheriff’s department came up with a plan and recruited local businesses for help. Royal Flush Plumbing Owner Daren Tichenor said, “We were approached by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department concerning providing a safe place for people to safely do the online swapping and buying of items on the marketplace.”

The sheriff’s department has placed twelve locations across different businesses in the county. Each location has a spot in the parking lot that’s under video surveillance designated for transactions. Tichenor tells News 25 that it was an easy decision to help out the sheriff’s department. “Well, we’re here and we’re available. We have security systems already in place. We also buy on the marketplace. It’s just a way of giving back to the community.”

Each location uses their own security equipment which keeps this program cost free for taxpayers and the sheriff’s department. For Tichenor, it hits close to home. He would like there to be places for his family to safely complete transactions. “I’m married and my wife does a lot of online shopping. It’s something that we partake in and look for safe places to do these purchases ourselves.”

Here is a list of all the places taking place in the safety exchange program:

  • Menge Mart, Interstate fuels 8045 Menge Avenue, Pass Christian, MS
  • Pure Country 9260 Canal Road, Gulfport, MS
  • Clarks 10006 Canal Road, Gulfport, MS
  • Neco’s Market Place 12342 Cable Bridge Road Pass Christian, MS
  • Robinwood One Stop 18447 Highway 49, Saucier, MS
  • First Place 19485 Highway 67, Saucier, MS
  • Pure Country 10166 Lorraine Road, Gulfport, MS
  • Kountry Colors and Subway 23379 Highway 53, Saucier, MS
  • Highway 53 Quickstep 26333 Highway 53, Saucier, MS
  • The Smoke Stop 8441 Kiln Delisle Road, Pass Christian, MS
  • A Royal Flush Plumbing 12465 Canal Road Gulfport, MS
  • The Stop and Geaux 16303 Highway 53, Gulfport, MS
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