Local volunteer recognized nationally as Petco’s Unsung Hero nominee

It’s the little things that can mean the most. One local volunteer is being honored nationally for all of the little things he does each and every day.

Almost every day of his life, Jacob Himes walks into the Humane Society of South Mississippi with a smile on his face and an eagerness to help. Volunteer Outreach Manager Valerie Kattz said, “Jacob has become everyone’s best friend here, not only the animal’s best friend, but our best friend too.”

Jacob spends as much time at the shelter as most people do at their full time job, but he does this without any sort of compensation besides the gratification he gets from giving back. “I like to help animals.”

Now, Jacob is being recognized on a national level by the Petco Foundation for their ‘Unsung Hero’ award. “Just for the nomination we were awarded $10,000 in Jacob’s honor. Now, they are voting on the top five finalists and if Jacob wins our shelter will receive $25,000 and we desperately need that money and it will be awarded in Jacob’s name.”

Now you can help Jacob and the animals win big by going to PetcoFoundation.org/unsung-heroes. “There was no one here more worthy than Jacob because he is here at least 40 hours a week. He never misses work. If he is not here people are looking around like ‘Where is Jacob’ so we wanted to recognize that.”

The voting for the award is taking place now until May 6th.

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