Local veterans need your help during coronavirus pandemic

In a Gulf Coast community largely made up of military members and veterans, our local veterans need your help now more than ever.

The 501C3 nonprofit volunteer organization Crusaders for Veterans has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Their plans to continue raising money to build a village for homeless veterans, a food bank, and more are now put on hold as the virus forced them to cancel all their planned events until August 1st including this month’s concert, the PTSD Walk, and their biggest yearly event The Freedom Ball.

Founder Kevin Cuttill says by the end of summer, the organization would have raised about $120,000 for coastal vets and he encourages us to not let this pandemic keep us from supporting them. “Most of our volunteers are active duty. Well now you’ve got the DoD restrictions, the state restrictions, the city restrictions. You’ve got everything lining everything out. This pandemic restriction guideline has really basically closed us down. We’re trying to push to get things for veterans to get them off the street because even with the pandemic restrictions where are these guys quarantining at? On the street? They’re already on the street. We’re trying to get them off the street, sit back, and take the time to think about those who were in panic mode before the pandemic came to be.”

You can help support their mission by donating at Crusadersforveterans.com.

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