Local Veteran honors fallen heroes with crosses in their memory

As Memorial Day Weekend comes to an end, some people are choosing to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in memorable ways.

For 88-year-old Korean War and Army Veteran John Derril Silkwood, the memories of war are still fresh in his mind. “It is absolutely tough. It’s bad on you too, but as you go along and get older and the memory, it’s just a great thing to remember that you took care of your buddies and they took care of you.”

That’s why for 12 years now, Silkwood has made it a point each Memorial Day Weekend to honor his fallen friends, right from his front yard for all to see. “When they get here they slow down, they look at it, and praise the Lord, they know what it’s for.”

A total of 18 crosses line Silkwood’s driveway with each cross representing a fallen friend from the 4th Squadron, 1st Platoon. Flags are placed next to each cross as a result of their sacrifice and service to their country. “I just put them out to bring back the, let people know that this is the memories here of things that happened many, many years ago.”

As time continues to move on, Silkwood says he’ll continue the tradition for as long as he can, to make sure those who gave the ultimate sacrifice are never forgotten. “A lot of times, you lose your partners when you’re fighting to get freedom, and that’s one thing that it’s great for, is to have an opportunity to take care of your people and your buddies.”

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