Local and state leaders reach to election results

Last night’s election results were at the top of the agenda at this morning’s legislative preview at Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula.

There were mixed emotions from local and state leaders as they weighed in on the outcome. Senator Brice Wiggins told News 25 he believes the negativity of the campaign did overshadow the good, but he is happy to see Cindy Hyde-Smith carry on as senator.

Moss Point Mayor Mario King says Mike Espy was his candidate of choice but he is ready to move forward as a state. “I am ready to move forward and ready to move our state forward by doing what i have to do to lead our city. It is important that we take what we have and take what we know and we learn from the situations of our past. We have to be the bigger people and so as the results as the election came in I became a bigger person and said that it is time to move forward.”

Senator Wiggins said, “I, like a lot of citizens that i have talked to, lament the depth of the negativity that that campaign went to. I am glad to see the result that happened and like i said i guess you take the good with the bad and that’s politics and that’s elections.”

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