Local seven-year-old donates art supplies to Memorial Hospital

To help boost morale at the Memorial Pediatric Unit, one Coastal kid decided to collect art supplies for the children.

Seven-year-old Ryan Thomas learned about the children in pediatric care through his mother who works at Memorial Hospital in the NICU.

To try and make a difference for these children, Ryan asked his friends to bring art supplies and coloring books to donate rather than presents for himself.

Ryan then made the trip over to Memorial where he was able to drop off a wagon-load of crayons, markers, pencils, books, and more to the children in pediatric care. Ryan said, “Well because I like art and I thought they would like to do art too.”

Memorial NICU and Pediatrics Nurse Manager Wayne Laubmeier said, “If we have to start an IV or something like that, we give them a little gift afterwards, so Ryan’s gift will help the kids not only that are on the pediatric floor right now but for the entire year.”

If you would like to donate supplies to the pediatric unit at Memorial, visit memorialhospitalfoundation.com for more information.

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