Local seven-year-old cook helping Hurricane Ida victims one plate at a time

A seven-year-old Gulfport resident has decided that he wants to use his culinary skills to give back to those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Seven-year-old Landon Saucier can be found playing video games or watching sports, but he is most often found cooking barbecue and other homemade dishes on his grill.

Landon fell in love with cooking when he and his dad Seth Saucier began watching their favorite social media chef Jason Derouen, also known as the Cajun Ninja, on the computer.  Landon’s mother, Kristen Saucier said, “His dad loves to cook. The two of them spend a lot of time on Facebook watching the Cajun Ninja.”

When Landon heard of the damage caused by Hurricane Ida, he and his dad decided they want to host a barbecue on September 18th where they will sell plates in exchange for a $10 worth of canned goods and nonperishable items.

They will then distribute the donations to Houma, Louisiana. “He was watching the news and he wanted to know what he could do to help. Shortly after that the Cajun Ninja posted that he was looking for donations to help the community. So, that was the best way Landon thought that he could do it.”

Landon also hosts other barbecues once a month. He then donates a portion of the earnings to charities as well as uses the money to help his sister buy supplies for the homeless every winter. “It feels really good. It’s inspiring. He’s the second of our seven children and he’s really inspired the other kids to help the community as well.”

“It’s just that he’s so young and it’s so cool how he’s like, he just went up and asked like what he can do to help. It’s so cool that he wants to help other people instead of getting all the money for himself.”

To order a plate or for more information call 228-229-0216.

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