Local schools in limbo as COVID-19 changes school year

Local schools have been using online and at home learning due to Coronavirus concerns, but many are wondering when the students will go back to a physical classroom?

Today, News 25 spoke with Harrison County Superintendent Roy Gill who says when the students go back to school is really up to the state government.

As of right now, the statewide shelter-in-place order is in effect until April 20th and that is when schools are scheduled to return, but that can all change depending on what the governor decides to do. “Well, as of right now with these orders we are under, we are scheduled to return on April 20th. That is the last word that we have currently. As Dr. Wright stated yesterday that is subject to change as time goes by. She is working with Dr. Dobbs and the governor to look at and to see when the apex is supposed to hit Mississippi. Right now they are saying between the 18th and the 20th or the 21st, somewhere in there. So looking at that, they will then issue further guidance.”

The schools plan to keep an open form of communication with students and their families and will update the public once they find out what they will be doing.

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