Eighty-two year-old Harrison County resident needs help with home repairs

A Harrison County man is asking for help making critical repairs to his home.

Eighty-two year-old Wilmer Saucier has lived on his property off of Anno-Saucier Road in Gulfport for his entire life and has lived in his current trailer since 2008.

Around a year after receiving the trailer, Saucier noticed areas of water damage forming. Since that time, multiple portions of the wall and floor have been coming apart and collapsing.

Saucier has medical conditions and a broken air conditioner as well, and hopes to receive some assistance with repairing his trailer or finding a new one. “Nobody comes to see me. They can’t stand the smell in the trailer, but it’s all because of water stuff.”

If you or someone you know can help out Mr. Saucier you can call 265-2037.

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