Local reaction to Ukraine: How tensions can potentially affect the Coast

With the tensions rising between Ukraine and Russia, we wanted to ask local experts about any potential impact it could have here in South Mississippi.

Associate Professor of Political Science at Southern Miss Dr. Joe Weinberg tells News 25 he believes Russia is taking advantage of the United States’ in-fighting in recent years. He believes it will be difficult for the president to make any move due to internal conflict in the country.

If tensions were to rise enough, Dr. Weinberg says Keesler Air Force Base could become involved by shipping out militarized items and soldiers.

He believes that’s something we could see happen across the country. “It’s pretty important. I think for people in Mississippi or really anywhere, if the Russians take over Ukraine or install a pro-Russian regime, I don’t know if it will affect us right away, but it will affect us down the road.”

Dr. Weinberg also believes gas and oil prices could increase due to the large amount of pipelines going through Ukraine.

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