Local reaction to lottery

Since hearing about the passing of the lottery bill, locals hit the jackpot with their reactions, not just because of the chances of winning the big one, but due to the economic impact that comes with it.

Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich said, “It was good news. I heard it when you heard it.”

Gulfport resident Stacey Krol said, “When you approached me, I was excited. I think this is a long time coming.”

Since she was hard at work, Stacey Krol didn’t get a chance to hear about the big news on the lottery bill until now. “I think it’s about time that Mississippi does the lottery here. I think it’s going to bring financial benefits to Mississippi.”

Mississippi and five other states are the only ones without a lottery in the United States. If Governor Bryant decides to sign off on the lottery bill, it can have huge impacts as far as construction and education. “I think we need help with our streets and roads here. I think it’s going to help with education,” said Krol.

“I have not been in the details of the economic impact. I’m sure they have an analysis that the impact will be positive and not negative,” said Mayor Gilich.

Bringing the lottery to Mississippi allows locals to keep their money in the state instead of traveling elsewhere to buy a ticket. Ward 6 Councilman R. Lee Flowers said, “This allows us the opportunity to keep some of the money that was going elsewhere inside our state.”

“I can keep my money at home instead of sending it over to Louisiana or Florida where we usually go buy our lottery tickets,” said Krol.

Whether you decide to purchase tickets or not, it seems the Coast welcomes the lottery as long as the legislature keeps the money directed towards revenue projects. “As long as they can do that we will benefit from the expenditures that people are putting towards gaming,” said Flowers.

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