Local Reaction To Baton Rouge Shooting

The shooting has sparked national attention including right here on the Mississippi gulf coast. After watching the witness video circulating online a member of the Biloxi NAACP executive board wants answers along with the entire country. In a press conference this morning, the Baton Rouge Police Department said sterling in fact had a gun, but did those police officers have reasonable motive to shoot- and kill? Although many have personal opinions after watching the video, members of law enforcement on the coast tell News 25 you never know what is happening on the scene.

Major Jim Adamo tells News 25, “There’s things that they don’t see I’m watching your facial gestures, I’m watching what you’re doing with your hands, I’m constantly watching you know what maybe what does your waistline look like, you know I there a gun in there, is there something that can be used as a weapon so it’s constantly assessing what’s going on.”

Gordon Jackson tells News 25, “The Biloxi NAACP and the Gulfport NAACP have had proactive dialogues and relationships with the police departments here and so hopefully that helps to see that doesn’t happen here as well.”

Laurene Callander will have a full report on local reaction tonight at 5:30.

Shooting Sparks Protest

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