Local option sales tax debate continues

Gubernatorial candidates butted heads on a range of topics including a new tax that could be implemented.

Republican candidate Lt. Governor Tate Reeves and Attorney General Jim Hood had the chance to speak out during the Mississippi Municipal League Conference. They spoke on issues that affect cities, towns, and villages.

In particular, the local option sales tax that MML has asked the Legislature about for years. If approved, it would allow local government to propose to its citizens a specific sales tax for a fixed period of time to fund particular projects.

However, Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood supports the idea while Lt. Gov. Reeves is opposed to any new taxes.  Lt. Gov. Reeves said, “I am committed to keeping Mississippi a low tax state. I think that’s critically important to growing jobs in Mississippi and I don’t think that we need to add any undue burdens onto our citizens mainly because if we’re going to see long-term economic growth and prosperity we must have a tax code that is fair, one that is flat, one that encourages economic development, not one that discourages it.”

Hood said, “I know the problems that they have in putting budgets together and it certainly shouldn’t be the state stepping on their necks to keep them from being able to accomplish things that the people in the city vote on and decide to do. If 60 percent of the folks agree on something then it’s a pretty good idea most likely.”

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