Local Man Starts Anti-Bullying Program

One hundred and sixty thousand teenagers skip school every day because of bullying. One local man is doing what he can to help those victims.
Theo Schaffer is a motivational speaker from South Mississippi who travels the country with his anti-bullying Program. Having had a hard time growing up himself, Schaffer has made it his mission to connect with students to teach them how to have a better acceptance of themselves.
Today he was at Harrison Central High School hoping students took away some tips to overcome bullying. “Most time, bullies feel horrible about themselves. If they see it doesn’t have an effect on you, you’ve already defeated them and that takes courage. The second thing that you have to have courage to do is overcome yourself because you start to believe what people say. But you have to train yourself to believe differently and that you are exactly what you want to be,” said Schaffer.
To learn more about Schaffer’s mission and anti-bullying program you can visit his website theoschaffer.com.

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