Local hunter kills 900 lb. alligator in South Florida

A renowned hunter in Vancleave bagged the closest thing to a living dinosaur after putting down a 13-foot alligator in South Florida when it started troubling local livestock.

Doug Borries, lying prone at a private lake in Florida, spotted the alligator at 500 yards through the scope of his 7mm STW rifle. When the monster moved about 180 yards closer, Borries took his shot – nailing it right in the golf ball-sized kill zone on the top of its head.

Borries had to haul the animal from the bottom of the lake – and upon inspection, it weighed 905 pounds. Alligators continue to grow throughout their lives, so this one likely lived for about 80 years.

A friend of Borries’ told him about the animal and pointed him in the right direction. “This guy said he’d seen the gator since he was a child. It was time for the gator to go because some of the calves were disappearing. So, he was down deer hunting with me, and he asked me if I wanted to come and hunt the gator. I said, ‘Absolutely.’ To me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

For the uninitiated: Borries has nine world records and 36 state records for hunting and fishing. He even has his own TV program, called Dynamic Outdoors TV, showcasing his skill as a career hunter.

That’s why Borries had to hunt this beast out in the open, as if he were tracking game.

“What most hunters do, as far as hunting gators, four or five guys get in a boat. They’ll go out at nighttime, and then when they pull him up, they hit him in the head with a bang stick. It’s got a loaded shotgun shell at the end of a stick, and I didn’t want to hunt him that way. I wanted to hunt him like I would if it was just me and a deer.”

This monster is the world’s largest alligator ever taken by a non-resident hunter.

Borries plans to mount the alligator in his home.

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