Local gym trains kids five and older to help with overall health and more

When you’re working out, do you ever expect to see kids right next to you lifting weights? Well, a gym in Ocean Springs allows that!

Limitless Strength in Ocean Springs is not like any other gym where just adults go to train, but it is also a place for kids five-years and older to workout or join a class among other kids their age.

Since 2020, John Daily has been training kids with compound lifts, which are exercises that work out more muscle groups at once, such as deadlifts, squats, and more. “I can show them they can do something that they didn’t initially think they could do and once they do that than they are willing to train, and willing to put out and try harder and then I see the confidence grow, which to me is the fun part.”

After seeing the results from training, more and more parents wanted their kids to be in the gym. Parent Jeff Scallion said, “It just helps with their overall health. I think in this world today our kids sit on the couch a lot, ya know, play with their phones, their video game machines, it’s not quite the same world that use to be so active. So, this gives them one more layer to really benefit their bodies.”

For the kids, not only will this help them excel in sports, but also help them get stronger. “It’s fun for me and all my siblings because you get to work out and have fun at the same time because there’s new equipment you can try out. So, when my dad first started to get his knee stronger, he would bring one kid at a time and we would all fight over who got to go.”

“Mr. JP makes it way more fun and not hard”

“With bench pressing, I started off at 30 and now at bench pressing I do 60.”

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