Local funeral homes livestreaming services during COVID-19 outbreak

As everything that once filled our daily lives is temporarily on hold, one thing is still certain: the cycle of life and death.

By following CDC guidelines to cancel gatherings of ten or more people, how are residents able to properly mourn the loss of their loved ones?

What if the very last time you saw your loved one was through the lens of a camera? Now, for many on the Coast, that is becoming reality as funeral homes are now giving families the option to view the service through the comfort of their homes. Chad Riemann with Riemann Family Funeral Homes said, “I think it is very important to continue to honor lives. With technology today, we’re able to do that. We may not be able to be there physically, but we may be able to be there via technology.”

It’s a difficult time for many, but emotions fly even higher for those forced to say goodbye to loved ones and beloved community members from a distance.

Local funeral homes like Bradford O’Keefe and Riemann are doing what they can to continue to give families closure. Jeff O’Keefe with Bradford O’Keefe Funeral homes said, “We’re adhering to all the recommendations by the CDC. So, while we will still allow a private family viewing with a limited number of occupants at a time, we also do have the available of the live stream for those that may not be able to physically get out of the house or they just may not want to get out of the house at this time.”

Thursday, Riemann Family Funeral Homes livestreamed their first service since the COVID-19 outbreak, that of beloved community member Ronnie Blacklidge Jr. on their Facebook page. “We had almost 200 people watching it on our Facebook page, Facebook live. By being able to do it online, they were very thankful that we were able to do that.”

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