Local frozen treats headed to Philly

As many fans of the Philadelphia Eagles know or might not know, Head Coach Doug Pederson is a big fan of ice cream.
Because of Coach Pederson’s love for the frozen treat, Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson teamed up with Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast and Pop Brothers to send special congratulations to the Super Bowl 52 champs.
On Wednesday, the treats were overnighted with hopes that the team would receive them later today. “After Philly, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl I started texting one of my buddies, who is a huge Eagles fan, and we just kinda came up with this idea of sending the head coach and the entire staff some ice cream. We know they’re big fans of ice cream and they eat it a lot after they do their film studies. We just wanted to send them something authentic from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to say congratulations,” said Mayor Dobson.
Mayor Dobson tells News 25 he hopes this brings even more positive publicity to South Mississippi.

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