Local flower shop creates bows for Gulf Coast students

Many local businesses are starting to find creative ways to honor the class of 2020 and one Long Beach shop has come up with a colorful way to do just that.

Lois’ Flower Shop has been hard at work designing and creating bows to give away free of charge to the high school students and their families.

The bows are a decorative arrangement and come in different colors to represent the school colors of each school.

Shop Owner Kathleen Kozlowski says she’s made close to 100 bows so far and hopes they can serve as a symbol of hope. “Well hope is what keeps us going. When the uncertainty of knowing what’s happening and how long this is going to go on and how things are going to be after it is over, just a little bit of hope and just everything’s going to be okay.”

To arrange pick up for a bow, visit Lois’ Flower Shop on Facebook or call 228-863-9767.

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