Local florists return from decorating the White House

A few weeks ago, News 25 featured a mother-daughter duo who were getting ready to jet off to the nation’s capital to help First Lady Melania Trump decorate the White House for the holiday season.

Now, Theresa Cuevas and her daughter, Courtney Cuevas, have returned from Washington D.C. with lots of pictures and memories.

The Cuevas’ were a part of the first crew which helped with the prep work of the decorating including putting lights on the trees and checking old ornaments to make sure they weren’t broken.

The Long Beach based florists even got to help handcraft a couple of ornaments.

This was Cuevas’ reaction when she got to see the final product of all her and many others’ hard work. “Very, very overwhelmed when we actually got to go back in and see the finished product of what everybody had done with the things that we had helped prep. It was so great. So much prettier in person than the pictures and video show it. Just very, very beautiful. It made me want to come home and take my whole Christmas tree all the way back down and re-do it the way they do it at the White House. But that’s a lot because I have three trees up already, so I don’t know if I would want to start over. But next year I plan to do a little bit different decorating.”

Cuevas says she would love to help the First Lady over and over, however, they only pick so many decorators and florists every year and she wants someone else to have the experience as well.

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