Local floral shop honors seniors this holiday season

A floral shop in Bay St. Louis rose to the occasion, providing over 50 floral arrangements to a local retirement home for Christmas.

Bay St. Louis floral designer and owner of the French Potager Florist Martha Whitney Butler set out to ensure Christmas spirit is felt in every corner of the community. “We’ve been organizing our third year of creating arrangements for the senior citizens at the Dunbar Village Retirement Home.”

It’s her strong respect for the seniors in her community that motivates this event year after year. “I respect my elders. I’ve always respected my elders. So, it’s very important to me to take care of that portion of the community.”

With local support, for the very first time she’s filled every flower arrangement. “We’ve filled a little over 51. That means a couple of staff members, and we can put a couple around at the desk at the home, and it’s going to be really nice for everybody.”

Delivery driver Marian Glaser tells News 25 she has a passion to make people smile. “This is one of the happiest parts of the seasons for me because I think it’s so wonderful to give a flower to the seniors and give them a pretty smile on Christmas.”

Martha Whitney Butler says she drivers past the nursing home twice a day and just could not forget about the seniors in her community. “They are probably scared, very lonely is how I kind of imagine this going. So, I’m thankful to bring just a little bit of sunshine. Any little act of kindness that you can do, just everyday in your everyday life, I think is what makes the world a good place. So, every little thing counts.”

The Christmas flower bouquets will be delivered to Dunbar Village on Thursday.

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