Local fitness instructor helps women achieve their fitness goals

It’s no secret that women and men train differently in the gym. For women, getting in shape is not so easy due to different factors.

Fitness can mean a lot from activities and goals to weight loss and toning, but no matter the goal, women can find it difficult to start a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s physiology or other challenges.

Erin Lougon, a mom of two, had trouble getting baby weight off and considered a personal trainer after not seeing progress working out by herself. “I got focused. They were very helpful and they were able to guide me with my nutrition, my workouts. It can be extremely intimidating. Once you have someone there to listen to you and your goals, makes it so much easier.”

Women’s Health says 33 percent of women are intimidated by crowded gyms, while 71 percent say they have been harassed.

Maria Barr, a virtual fitness instructor at Hotworx, tells News 25 if you don’t feel comfortable working out in a gym, there are other options such as joining a female-based workout facility or a class with other women. “Hotworx really allows that women who are getting started or the busy mom who’s been started to really come in and schedule what works for them. We have the ability and flexibility to do a workout on your own and not have to worry about huge crowds of people or feel like you’re not in the best shape to go on those things or third, you’re just intimidated to because you may not want to get hit on.”

Besides traveling to New Orleans to make videos for Hotworx, Barr also offers group and personal training. “It’s either one day or day one, don’t let the big gyms or even coming to do something new that you never done before get in the way of you. It’s a limiting belief to think you can’t do this.”

Barr offers information on group classes and tips to get keep women motivated on her Instagram at MariaSBarr.

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