Local Fishermen Show Officials Struggles After Oil Spill

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill was one of the worst ecological disasters in history, and Monday, local fishermen took a big step forward in the recovery process.

Officials from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (M.D.E.Q.), the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (M.D.M.R.), and the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council were schooled on the finer points of fishing.

A local Vietnamese couple invited the officials on board their boat to showcase the struggles they face every day as the recovery from the oil spill continues. Millions of dollars are available to help the areas affected by the spill and now the Restoration Council must decide where the money is needed most.

Justin Ehrewerth, Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council, says, “We’ve received proposals from all of our members, five states and six federal agencies. So in the coming months, we’re gonna’ go through a process right now of reviewing and evaluating those proposals. We expect in the spring or summer of next year to have a draft list of the projects and programs that the council anticipates funding.”

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