Local first responders in need of hand sanitizer

If you have been to any grocery stores in the past few days, you’ve probably noticed the shelves are empty on many essential items, including hand sanitizers and disinfectants.

For local first responders these items are essential due to their constant contact with the public and now during the COVID-19 outbreak they rely on these items even more.

Due to the shortage of hand sanitizer across the country, local police and fire departments are asking that you donate hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to local departments. Sgt. Joey Payne with Biloxi PD said, “I have heard other departments, smaller departments, have none so they are in dire need of hand sanitizer cause they have to keep the mission going no matter what’s going on. Our guys can’t stay at home. They can’t work from home. So, no matter what is going on they have to be out in the public.”

If you have hand sanitizer you would like to donate you can drop it off directly at your local police or fire stations.

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