Local family becomes face of Mississippi bill banning abortion based on race, sex, or genetic anomaly

Mississippi legislators are advancing a bill to ban abortion based on the race, sex, or genetic anomalies of a fetus.

The Republican-led Senate passed the bill Wednesday. The House is expected to send the bill soon to Republican Governor Tate Reeves. He says he favors more limits on abortion.

The bill’s supporters say it would prevent abortion for Down syndrome or other conditions. Opponents say it would interfere with private medical decisions.

Here on the Coast, one local family from Ocean Springs have been fighting in favor of this bill. Mika Hartman and her two-year-old son Hudson have been called ‘the face of this bill’ by many supporters.

In Hudson’s short life, he has overcome and helped so many people and he also happens to have Down syndrome. Mika said, “When it was first presented to me, it was just an absolute no-brainer. There wasn’t even a hesitation. It was just ‘yes, we will be there and we will be fighting all the way.’ Somewhere along the way it became Hudson’s face on the bill and people really took to his smile. We got a 33-11 vote yesterday ‘yes’ in the Senate.”

A research group says nine states ban abortion because of the sex of the fetus, two ban it because of race, and two ban it because of genetic anomaly.

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