Local EMS working on the front lines of COVID-19

While many local residents are spending their days at home, our local EMS employees continue to serve their communities.

Paramedics, firefighters, and police officers are among the workers on the front lines of the Coronavirus outbreak responding to general illness calls every day.

Safety protocol has been put in place for all first responding agencies on the Coast.

According to Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney, AMR will take the lead in general illness calls and first responders on scene will take necessary precautions for their safety and the safety of the patients. “We have a protocol in place where if we’re dispatched to a medical emergency, there are a series of questions, of four questions that are asked of the patient. The guys are required to dress up a little more; they wear a suit and a mask and goggles. This puts a little more stress on the guys because they know what the consequences are. I would reassure the public that if you call 911, we are coming just like we came before.”

Chief Boney is looking on the bright side though. He says just in the last day since local casinos have closed, they’ve seen a decrease in calls in the Downtown Biloxi area and his firefighters are using this extra time to do more training.

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