Local churches addressing racism

With Mississippi gaining national attention over race issues, a local group known as Gulfport Ecumenical Fellowship hopes to address race issues on the Coast.
October is Mississippi’s Racial Reconciliation Month and the local group wants to understand how they can better address these issues here on the Gulf Coast. The president of Jackson based Mission Mississippi, which aims to show grace across racial lines, gave insight on how they can help abolish these issues. Mission Mississippi President Neddie Winters said, “You know what sets Mississippi apart today is that we are dealing with it. We are not ignoring it. We are dealing with it. That’s great news because other states are calling us talking about what are y’all’s best practices and they hear about what we are doing and want us to come and share with them. So Mississippi and Mission Mississippi, in particular, is on the cutting edge of and forefront of dealing with race in the body of Christ.”
The ecumenical group also discussed starting a local chapter of Mission Mississippi.

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