Local businesses honor Carl the Rooster

Today, we’re taking a look at how businesses in and around Ocean Springs are paying their respects to Carl 2.0.

About a week after media, law enforcement and the public worked to identify the person responsible for a local icon’s death, the downtown community of Ocean Springs still mourns.

Many find themselves leaving flowers and letters for Carl 2.0 the rooster where he used to perch, and others are buying mementos to remember him.

This is how businesses are honoring the Rhode Island red — like Frost and the Flurrious Snowcone stand at Highway 15 and Lamey Bridge Road. For every cone sold this weekend, a dollar is going toward the ASPCA. Frost and the Flurrious Owner Jeffrey Tyndall said, “Everybody loves animals, and when they see something like this happening, they want to stop and prevent it, and that’s what we want to try to help do too — give to these charities and these people that help prevent these things and maybe get some more education out in the community or whatever it may be that can stop these events from happening.”

Carl was taken from his perch last month at Twisted Anchor Tattoo — which sold Carl merchandise long before his death. Twisted Anchor Tattoo and Gallery Owner Matt Stebly said, “I didn’t think honestly that it would be such an outcry of support, but you know we’ll keep doing it until we have some kind of answers.”

And notably, Bradford O’Keefe Funeral Homes, In Memory Casket Wraps and Sound Solutions, all Coast businesses, collaborated on donating the custom-made casket.

Though the court date for the suspect linked to Carl’s death has been pushed to May 25, much of the town plans to rally in front of the courthouse in their search for answers as to the why. “The reason we’re kind of pushing this issue so hard is because of the positive feedback from Ocean Springs, the community.”

Downtown Ocean Springs Nutrition and adelicdesigns.com are selling Carl merchandise as well. We can’t fit every business into this story — so feel free to leave comments on where to pick up other mementos.

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