Local boutique still taking COVID-19 safety precautions

After Governor Tate Reeves lifted the mask mandate order last week, Edgewater Mall removed all of their signs asking customers to wear a mask.

Many stores inside the mall are still requiring their customers to wear masks.

Other stores like Bella Rose Boutique are going along with the governor’s orders and not requiring people to wear masks, but letting people choose if they want to wear a mask or not.

Abbey Coleman, manager at Bella Rose Boutique, tells News 25 some visitors from out of state have had an issue with the idea of giving people the option, but they are still taking safety precautions. “We are still taking precautions. We are making sure dressing rooms are getting cleaned, counters are getting wiped down, doors are getting wiped down, disinfecting everything. If you want to wear a mask that’s absolutely fine. If you don’t want to wear a mask, that’s absolutely fine as well.”

Coleman tells News 25 because they are locally owned and operated, even if bigger corporations are still requiring masks, they do not require their employees or customers to wear one.

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